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November 7, 2018
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Myths To Be Broken About Chinese Eateries

Given the popularity of Chinese Food in America, it should be a surprise that there are so many myths surrounding it. Yet, there are many facts that we get wrong about it. Here are three tales that we break today.

  • Chinese food is not homogenous. Unlike what Americans believe, Chinese cuisine changes from location to location. China is a vast country; therefore, its flavours alter from region to region. For example, the northern end of the country prefers more meat in their dishes which the southwestern area like their food to be spicy.
  • Chinese food is not all about vegetables. This is a misconception. Most recipes that are found in the cuisine have some meat mixed in with vegetables.
  • The fortune cookie is not a Chinese tradition. It was started by American Chinese restaurants after World War 2 because the customers expected a dessert. The cookies were offered as a sweet offering that was familiar but also exotic to blend in with the environment.

These are just 3 misconceptions that the American consumer has about Chinese food. There are many, many more like adding soy sauce to a dish makes it Chinese. To truly experience the uniqueness of Chinese food, one has to have an open mind and not go with preconceived notions.

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