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November 8, 2018
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November 10, 2018

The Best 3 Chinese Eateries In The USA

Xi’an Famous Foods, New York City, NY – Located in East Village, the place offers the culinary delights of an ancient city of North Central China that were once known to be a crucial segment of Silk Trade Route – Xi’an. One of the must-haves at the restaurant that began its journey in Flushing is cumin sprinkled lamb burgers, Liang pi cold noodles and tofu in chilli oil.

Yank Sing, San Francisco, CA – Located in South of Market, the eatery is famous for fried and steamed dumplings that have the mouth-watering. Found at the corner of a substantial corporate complex, the restaurant has been thriving for years due to the fresh dim sums that never dim in flavour. The aroma alone is enough to entice any heart but is the trolley service that genuinely calls to the soul. One just has to point a finger to the dim sum that you wish, and waiters will serve it directly from the trolley.

Grand Sichuan, New York City, NY – this West Village restaurant is not famous like its other counterparts but has a steady cult following. The first branch opened in 1998 in Chelsea and offered authentic Szechuan food. Each dish comes along with history and the cooking process.

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