The History Of Chinese Restaurants In USA
November 1, 2018
The Rise Of Chinese Food In America
November 3, 2018

3 Facts About US Chinese Restaurants

If you go looking, you will find at least one Chinese restaurant in any one of the cities in America. The reason for it is innumerable and sometimes baffling. Here we give you three facts that may contribute to the popularity of Chinese eateries in the US.

  • Even though any café or restaurant is ready to deliver food to your doorstep, Chinese cuisine still holds its position as the second most ordered food in America. In an era, when consumers can have anything they crave ordered online or on the phone, Chinese food stills is the most frequent.
  • It was more than a century and a half, 1849 to be exact, when the first Chinese restaurant starting serving food in America. The Canton Restaurant in San Francisco is the first known and largest eatery that catered to the taste of immigrants from China. The emergence of the eateries was thanks to the Gold Rush that occurred in California in the same year.
  • On the day, most of America is celebrating the biggest holiday – Christmas- it is Chinese food that is ordered in hordes. Surveys show that 25th December is the busiest days for Chinese restaurants. What now has become a tradition for many an American Family started as the only choice.

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