The Rise Of Chinese Food In America
November 3, 2018
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November 5, 2018

Perceptions of Chinese Restaurants In American Customers

By employing the IPA approach, Importance-Performance Analysis, researchers at Purdue University found out the perception American people have of Chinese eateries located in the US. The study was done to understand which factors and aspects of Chinese restaurants influenced the satisfaction of the customer. Furthermore, it studied the behavioural intention of the consumer. The result of the survey proved that most customers would want:

  • More attentive service
  • Better environmental cleanliness

Any restaurateur that improved upon the two would see an increase in popularity. The research also considered service reliability and food taste. On both of factors, most eateries gained full marks. They are the key reasons for such immense success of Chinese food. These four factors (two of which have left clients satisfied and two which require improvement) rose up to be the pivotal attributes.

The research stands testament that managers need to allocate their resources, limited or otherwise, on these factors. They are the ones that contribute the most in bringing satisfaction and happiness to the customers.

In simpler words, the perception of the American individual when it comes to Chinese food places is that though the cuisine is delicious, the service lacks and needs to be improved especially hygiene.

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