What New York Chinese Restaurants Have That Los Angeles Doesn’t!

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What New York Chinese Restaurants Have That Los Angeles Doesn’t!

WokBy Reviews The Chinese Restaurants In NewYork & San Fransico

The authenticity and variety of Chinese food served in New York are considered to be far better than the food served in Los Angeles. There are even some noteworthy varieties in the New York Chinese food that you can never find in Los Angeles. So, if you are a Chinese food lover, you now know where to heed to! The Chinese restaurants in New York have managed to garner the interests and lured visitors from all over the world, all thanks to their exquisite cuisine and a delectable spread of Chinese food. Due to the immense popularity, many corporate event planners often organize small party celebrations in these Chinese restaurants. Planning a party doesn’t include savory dishes alone. It is just one of the important points to be considered. There are also many other points to be considered if you intend to plan a party as mentioned in http://www.mydomaine.com/planning-restaurant-parties

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La Chine
This is one of the most authentic and top-notch Chinese restaurants in New York. It is situated in the popular Waldorf-Astoria area. There are no similar posh dining facilities in Los Angeles. Los Angeles might have spectacular entertainment industries, but still, it can only be considered inferior to New York’s investment banking sectors, corporate headquarters, and the famous Wall Street.

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To be frank, Los Angeles does have top-notch Chinese restaurants like Mr.Chow, Philippe, and WP24. But the major set back is that none of them serve authentic Chinese cuisines. Hence, even the top class residents of Los Angeles have to choose comparatively smaller restaurants if they wish to eat authentic Chinese food. Whereas, in New York, the rich and elite classes have restaurants like La Chine that serves authentic dishes in a posh setting. Just check out their wagyu beef tenderloin, fluke appetizers, black cod or crispy shrimp, and you are sure to drool for more! They even serve excellent soups and delectable puddings.

Modern Szechuan is one of the best hangouts for the local office going crowd of New York. It offers a delectable spread of delicacies served in a buffet at an affordable range of $6.99 per pound. The xiaolongbao and the authentic hand-pulled noodles are noteworthy items on the menu. The menu is based on the American version of Chinese food. But it also includes many authentic Chinese dishes as well. The Shanghai wonton, hand-pulled noodle soups, etc. taste just heavenly and evokes memories of authentic Chinese flavors.Guests in A Buffet Line of a Corporate Event organized by Event Management Service Kiyoh

Eating Experience

Take a quick look at the back portion of the restaurant, and you can find a separate menu filled with authentic Chinese dishes written on a wall. There are even separate seating arrangements there. Hence, if you prefer the authentic cuisine, head straight to the back side. If you would like a quick getaway into the Chinese hometown while in the midst of Manhattan, check in at Modern Szechuan! The Shanghai wontons prepared will melt in mouth; ground beef makes you fall in love with Chinese food all over again. You are never going to find a restaurant like this even if you search the whole town of Los Angeles!

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